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August 25, 2016 by dev_team


Ushering in the new Low Carbon Economy

OSC2 will be speaking at several events over the next few months regarding food companies that are collaborating on climate change reversal efforts.

Most agree that we are already feeling the effects of climate change. But while climate change is one of the biggest risks we’ve ever faced, it’s also one of our greatest opportunities.  Solving the climate crisis has the potential to make our businesses stronger, and unleash a new wave of innovation in our industry.

Polling results from our first climate gathering at Expo West.  “What represents your sense of the urgency of climate change?”

Applying what we’ve learned

We found at OSC2, with our Packaging Collaborative, that when we showed packaging companies the potential demand for more sustainable packaging, they started working much harder on developing a solution. We have had big breakthroughs in packaging, including supporting the launch of the first compostable film package for the food industry with Alter Eco. Now, with committed partners who see the potential to both help their  both businesses and do the right thing, we’re moving other’s down the path of more sustainable packaging.

We’re taking a similar approach with our Climate Collaborative. Most natural foods leaders agree that we can and should be doing do more with our businesses.  Climate change has the opportunity be a big win for branded food companies and our partners.  Companies who find new ways, and share best practices, are celebrated by the industry and consumers alike.  Partners in agroforestry, packaging policy, waste handlers, alternative energy providers, etc. will all win by deepening their commitment to developing climate-friendly solutions. We now have the opportunity to usher in a new low carbon economy.

Definitive polling results from our first climate gathering at Expo West ’16. The natural products industry can and should be doing more to address our impact on climate change.


Find out more about how we are re-imagining working together and shining a light on the best practices of some of the most progressive companies in the world – doing well and doing good.

Out and about

OSC2 will be speaking at the following events:

Wow…thats a lot for our little organization.  So we will be busy and looking forward to seeing you in the coming months at these great events!