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The OSC community is comprised of leaders in the natural products industry who maintain the highest sustainability standards in their businesses and personal lives. See below for more information about our Core Chapter and Rising Star Chapter memberships.

What does it mean to be an OSC member?

There are many benefits to being an OSC member.

Benefits include:
  • Being a part of an incredible, values aligned community
  • Networking and connections
  • Getting expert, peer based support and guidance on your business challenges
  • Access for your team to our department forums and OSC University courses
  • Serving as a thought leader in our industry level programming
  • Deeper participation and learning in our Collaboratives
  • The chance to seed new and dynamic ideas on behalf of the community and industry
Members are expected to:
  • Attend fully a minimum of 3-4 chapter meetings
  • Attend fully a minimum of 6 cohort meetings
  • Participate in at least one member committee
  • Participate in our annual strategic planning retreat by invitation
  • Engage team members in our member programs
  • Maintain current annual dues
  • Participate and respond to member question on our google group and beyond

Core Chapter & Rising Star Chapter Membership

Member Criteria
  • Current or past Company is $10+ million in revenues (Core Chapter), or $1 – $10 million in revenues (Rising Star Chapter)
  • Leader currently engaged in the business. They must be a CEO, President, or C-level founder
  • Leader models sustainable values in their life and business
  • Leader demonstrates high integrity, humility, confidentiality, and openness to giving/receiving constructive feedback
  • Leader is able to make at least 5 Chapter Meetings per year (Core Chapter or Rising Star Chapter) plus at least 6 one-hour CEO Cohort Meetings per year.
  • Company has a socially conscious and/or sustainability mission
  • Presence in the natural products industry, CPG or other strong sustainable cause
  • 100% non-GMO food or agricultural products
  • Organic or strategy to move toward organic
  • Addressing a food system issue within the DNA of their company
  • B-Corp’s preferred or on the path
  • Near or beyond break even; or fast growth and well-funded
  • Non-Competitive with other members – current members can determine if a new member is competitive

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