Tending Leaders Chapter



The Tending Leaders Chapter (TLC) is a committed group of founders,  graduated CEOs and C-Level executives who are dedicated to supporting one another and the next generation of purpose-driven leaders. The Chapter nurtures collaboration amongst its members, of which a large part has experienced an executive and/or ownership transition.

Working as a collective, the chapter members:

  •  Meet on a platform that promotes and facilitates personal and professional development through collaboration and regenerative frameworks.
  • Support to the OSC Venture Fund and its portfolio companies through participation in the fund’s advisory services, deal flow and co-investments.

Established in 2022, the TLC is OSC’s latest cohort of executive leaders, created to meet the growing need for collective action and multigenerational impact of OSC members and natural products industry leaders who are undergoing or preparing for an executive and/or ownership transition.

Current Members