Our Manifesto

We believe that our relationship to the planet and all that inhabit it, requires a long-term intentional view with brave action. We see our network of purpose-driven businesses as an important vehicle for catalyzing the vision of a world where society is regenerative for generations to come. Together we manifest immense capacity for our industry to foster healthy regeneration of our people and planet.

We believe it is our responsibility to:

  • Push the boundaries of our own knowledge and experience
  • Convene, empower and catalyze leaders to create more purpose driven businesses from the inside out
  • Work in collaboration to create new organizational approaches and practices
  • Utilize our brands to influence society as a whole and pave the way for future generations
  • Build collaborative platforms for our industry to embrace new ways of working and take meaningful action

There is magic in coming together, with deep trust and transparency, as leaders, employees, businesses and as an industry. Together, we take One Step Closer to addressing the toughest sustainability problems facing our industry and our planet. Our collective action brings us One Step Closer to manifesting our common vision of a more regenerative, just and prosperous world.