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In pursuit of compostable
flexible packaging

OSC formed the Packaging Collaborative to remove petroleum-based plastics from landfills, oceans and our planet by securing compostable and renewable flexible film structures with appropriate barrier qualities. One of the Packaging Collaborative’s key initiatives is to secure a highly functioning and compostable solution for our heat-sealable/flexible overwrap and pouch applications. This is an Achilles heel in the industry since many of the most sustainably minded companies in the world do not have an environmentally friendly, non-GMO option when it comes to flexible packages.

We believe that the best way to address this significant challenge is to open source our work. Nearly every company is trying to accomplish a similar goal, and by working together, we have the chance to drive an industry shift toward a planet-friendly approach to packaging.

Since our first Packaging Collaborative meeting at Expo West 2013, we have continued to make progress on compostable packaging solutions and believe the best way to drive this critically important sustainability initiative is to create an open, collaborative environment. To date we have:

  • Created Industry movement of leading brands toward advancing compostable packaging
  • Fostered key partnerships across the compostable materials supply chain: Futamura, Elk Packaging, Earthfirst Films, and Dunn Paper
  • Formed alliances with industry stakeholders like the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), American Sustainable Business Network (ASBN), the US Composting Council (USCC), and Compost Manufacturer’s Alliance (CMA)
  • Partnered with Trayak on LCA studies for packaging materials
  • Developed & tested multiple compostable pouch versions with 18+ ingredients
  • Presented certifications guidelines for compostable structures
  • Line-tested overwrap applications and optimized structure for triplex teabags
  • Assisted Launch of Gone4Good (Alter Eco) & Leaf No Trace (Numi Tea) campaigns
  • Launched the Industry and Consumer facing Zero Waste Campaign
  • Created and launched the Packaging Innovation Portal (click below to have a look!)

Click to view our Packaging Innovation Portal


Our Partners

The Packaging Collaborative is sponsored by Elk Packaging. Elk helps us design new structures with film manufacturers, and researches and reports the impact of these structures on the environment and the products they contain. Find out more at www.elkpackaging.com

The Packaging Collaborative is sponsored by Futamura, a global leader in renewable and compostable flexible packaging. NatureFlex™ by Futamura is a sustainable cellulose-based film that offers an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics. Find out more at www.futamuragroup.com

The Packaging Collaborative is sponsored by Earthfirst Biopolymer Films by PSi, a global market leader in engineering and manufacturing superior quality home and industrial compostable films.  Offerings include compostable sealant films, print webs, and shrink sleeve decoration films.  Find out more at www.earthfirstfilms.com


Trayak is a sustainability software solutions and consulting company. Their Mission is to provide you with easy-to-use decision tools that can be embedded in your company’s mainstream product and packaging development, manufacturing, and launch processes.  Find out more at www.trayak.com

We are Guru, a collaborative crew of experienced big ad agency expats, impact, purpose and brand strategists, design and systems thinkers, connection-creators, artists, writers and designers with an insatiable appetite for constant learning, growth and innovation.  Find out more at www.weareguru.com



Impactree is a web-based platform that enables individuals and organizations to create, track, and share social impact initiatives. It offers a range of customizable templates and tools that make it easy to design and launch campaigns related to environmental sustainability, social justice, health, education, and more. Find out more at www.impactree.com


Membership has its benefits, here’s just a brief listing of what you can expect as a Brand Member:

  • Access to discounted LCAs on packaging material comparisons
  • Invitation to quarterly all-Member calls during which we hear from Members, check-in on Programs, and provide an update on the Policy landscape
  • Opportunity to participate in discounted shelf-life testing with your product in a compostable package
  • Quarterly OSC Learning Series: hear from innovative materials and service providers in the packaging world
  • Dedicated Mobilize channel for Member communication

Get involved today!

For information about how to become a member please contact Jake Hebert at jake.hebert@osc2.org.




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Redefining Flexible Films Innovation Series

RCD and OSC are proud to announce the completion of the Redefining Flexible Films Summit in 2020, an industry-wide innovation workshop focused on eliminating plastic pollution. Over the course of 9 months we worked through a unique design-thinking process and collaborated remotely, focusing our efforts around the unique technical challenge of flexible film packaging. Our group collectively identified 8 Incubation Projects, covering topics like policy, consumer awareness, financing, design, and labeling to break down the barriers to scaling sustainable material solutions. Interested in the results? Check out the whitepaper here!

Check out the rebroadcast of our Packaging Collaborative webinar, “Where does my packaging go?!”