“5 in 5” with Vincent Kitirattragarn of Dang Foods

August 1, 2020 by dev_team

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Vincent Kitirattragarn, CEO and Founder of Dang Foods and OSC2 CEO Chapter member, takes five to reflect on 5 simple questions. Enjoy!

OSC2: Hometown?
VK:  New York, NY

OSC2:  What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
VK: I aspire to be a kayak fisherman! The Bay Area, where I live, has an abundance of seafood and growing up in a Thai-Chinese American household, I really love my fresh seafood. Every year I go out on a boat and catch Dungeoness Crabs for Crabsgiving which has become a tradition.

OSC2: What is it about the mission of your company that really ignites you?
VK: We’re owning who we are as Asian-Americans and spreading our food culture with the US. Asian food tends to be plant-based, whole food, and low in sugar which is sorely needed here in the US. We’re helping people eat healthier and staying true to ourselves at the same time. We’ve had fans write in to say they cannot eat anything else except our coconut chips due to immune system issues, which is really powerful .

OSC2: What’s a favorite childhood memory of food that you have?
VK: In 4th grade we had to bring a dish from our culture into school to share with friends and their parents. I brought in chicken satay and was the first one to “sell out”. That’s when I knew Thai food in the US had potential as far as business.

OSC2: What’s one thing that keeps you up at night?
VK: Working with distributors and needing to balance the needs of our company with our partners’ needs. Sometimes terms are negotiated “out of partnership” but really it’s a grab for profit and doesn’t work in both parties’ favor.

Dang is on a mission to share their culture for a healthier and more flavorful world. Whether it be through sharing snacks, working with local farmers, or supporting organizations that aid refugees and people affected by natural disaster, they truly give a Dang.

Dang Foods was created to share uniquely Asian-American snacks with the flavors and ingredients that Vincent and his brother Andrew love, including their famous original Coconut Chips, Thai street snack-inspired Thai Rice Chips, and Keto Friendly Bars.