Member Spotlight: Raffi Vartanian, CEO of Ziba Foods

January 2, 2024 by Sarah

Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Raffi Vartanian, CEO at Ziba Foods and OSC Rising Star Member, takes five to reflect on 5 simple questions. Enjoy!


OSC: Where is your hometown?

RV: New Canaan, CT

OSC: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

RV: I play the Oud

OSC: What is it about the mission of your company that really ignites you?

RV: I love that we can approach development in a different, more sustainable way

OSC: What’s a favorite childhood memory of food that you have?

RV: The smell of freshly baked Armenian Easter bread with a totally unique product, Mahlab, made from the pits of a specific cherry of varietal

OSC: What’s one thing that keeps you up at night?

RV: The Taliban shutting down our operation due to the number of women we employ.

About Ziba Foods

Ziba Foods is a mission-driven company with a focus on introducing products distinguished by their superior quality and flavor. We’re the only retail exporter of heirloom and wild-grown dried fruits and nuts from Afghanistan and the first Afghan snack brand in the United States.