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OSC University provides the staff of our member companies access to professional development courses throughout the year. The curriculum includes both soft skills courses, such as Leadership and Organizational Development, as well as technical skills classes, such as Excel and Finance for Non-Financial Managers.

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Below you’ll find a list of upcoming courses organized by date. Click on the course you’re interested in to be taken to the eventbrite page where you’ll be able to register by securing a ticket.

Note: Classes are reserved for OSC members and their staff unless otherwise noted. Contact michael@osc2.org for the course access codes if you need them.

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Past Courses

Mindful Leadership

Start date: April 30, 2021

End date: May 21, 2021

Back by popular demand!

Merging today's realities with content focused on essential leadership competencies, participants will leave empowered to make a difference in the organizations where they lead and in the lives of those they impact.  Participants will uncover their personal brand identity and how this fits into their organization's purpose and values.

Target Audience: Early to Mid Level Managers

Session to Include:

- Best practices in employee engagement strategy
- Baseline EQ assessment
- Strategies on building leadership presence
- Developing role awareness
- Inspiring trust and courage
- Imperatives for successfully working across functions

OSC University: Inclusive Leadership Development

Start date:

End date:

This is a moment in our nation’s history we won’t have again. Our lives have been turned upside-down by a global pandemic, and racial inequities are finally in the forefront of the news and in the streets. We are all affected by these events and when you add any other personal challenges you might be facing (health issues, financial woes, family concerns, among others), the question arises: how do we move forward? We have a choice right now to either be wishing things would go back to the way they were before, or to feel what you are feeling, recall that things weren’t so great for most people before, and to set an intention to perhaps do things differently moving forward.

What this moment in our collective evolution calls for is Mindful Inclusive Leadership. As you may be aware, Mindfulness is the ancient practice of present moment awareness. I think about it as an awareness of our thoughts, emotions, experience, and interactions with others. How might we use this tool as a way of increasing connection, understanding, and belonging? How might we use it to create a more inclusive and engaging workplace? This course will provide insight into these questions and strategies for building a more equitable and inclusive future where everyone feels like they belong and are valued.