Three OSC founders featured by the Climate Collaborative and New Hope Network!

December 17, 2018 by dev_team


Check out these two founder profiles from our good friends at the Climate Collaborative.

This week we are sharing something special: An exclusive set of CEO and leader profiles from four of last year’s National Co+op Grocers Climate Collaborative Award winners. They’ve told us candidly about their paths to leadership, the challenges they encountered, and what advice they have for other companies on the path. We’re so excited to be sharing these with you, in partnership with New Hope. And we’ll have more coming in January, so stay tuned! In the meantime, make sure you’ve registered for Climate Day 2019 so you can be in the room as we celebrate next year’s winners!

What the co-CEOs of Lotus Foods prioritize to reduce their carbon footprint

“We are very proud of our persistence in linking these pioneering farmers to an international market, despite what have sometimes felt like insurmountable challenges—like establishing supply chains in four countries with partners and farmers who had absolutely no prior experience in marketing or exporting rice. Nor did they have access to equipment or credit that could smooth the path. These were countries where Lotus Foods had not worked previously either, but amazingly, we made it happen.”

– Caryl Levine and Ken Lee, Co-CEOs of Lotus FoodsRead their full profile.

Carbon net negative for 22 years: How did Guayaki do it?

“Decide what you want to change in the world and weave that mechanism for change into your business. Become a benefit corporation (B Corporation) to protect the legacy of your vision and choose investors who honor that commitment. Build a team of employees and suppliers who are aligned around working collectively to make that change happen. Remember that you’ll be working against extractive economic and social forces that will bend your will so stay true to your vision. Think big because we need disruptive solutions. Think global and local at the same time. And because regeneration starts with you, make self-reflection and regenerative thinking a priority. Then go for it!”

– Guayaki CEO and Chairman of the Gourd Chris Mann; Read their full profile.