The Town Kitchen, PBC launches TTK Provisions to Serve Youth-Crafted, Locally Sourced Food and Essentials to Households in SF Bay Area

April 6, 2020 by dev_team

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Community-Driven Food Company Launches Consumer Delivery Service and Donation drive While Empowering Underserved Youth in Bay Area

Oakland, CA March 24th, 2020​ — ​The​ Town Kitchen, PBC​ launches ​“TTK Provisions”​ a new Direct To Consumer household essentials and food delivery service. Given the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Town Kitchen is now providing home essentials like toilet paper, paper towels, and disinfectants, as well as, a rotating menu of sustainably packaged, ready to eat family meals crafted by award-winning chefs.

By ordering through TTK Provisions, Bay Area families will not only receive high-quality products delivered to their door, but they will help generate hours of employment and apprenticeship for Bay Area youth.

Established in 2015 as a Public Benefit Company serving corporate catering needs, The Town Kitchen employs and empowers, foster and re-entry youth in the San Francisco Bay Area. TTK has 45 hourly employees who want to continue to work while helping other families have access to the basic home essentials they need. TTK Provisions was formed in an effort to keep the team working in a safe and impactful way.

These delivery menus will feature fresh, seasonal ingredients and food products sourced from local women and minority-owned businesses. The Town Kitchen takes food safety and COVID-19 very seriously and has elevated its already high standards with ​strict employee protocols​ to ensure the health and safety of its employees and customers. In addition, customers can also purchase digital gift baskets to donate groceries to ​West Valley Community Services​ and ​Oakland-based Feed the Hood, both organizations serve the most vulnerable members of our community

“Our entire staff is committed to pivoting and addressing the immediate needs of other families in the Bay during this time. Delivering delicious, high-quality food and assisting Bay Area families is what we’re all about,” said Jefferson Sevilla, Founder and Chief Impact Officer at The Town Kitchen. The jobs, living wages, career help, mentorship, and life-skills training we provide these individuals can enrich the lives of everyone in the community. Our youth experience is designed, purposeful, and impactful, and that energy and determination come across in the guest experience, too.”

The Town Kitchen uses a unique partnership model to offer turn-key solutions for corporate catering and now residences, while supporting local youth, primarily 18-to-24 years old, with professional opportunities and pathways. In 2019, the Oakland-based company generated 23,543 labor hours—an increase of 114% over 2018—and opened an additional location across the Bay in Redwood Shores. The majority of food is produced in-house, with ingredients and additional products sourced from local women and minority-owned businesses to elevate the local food ecosystem. The Town Kitchen is ​Eat REAL Certified​TM and currently in the ​B Corp Certification process, while Founder and Chief Impact Officer, Jefferson Sevilla and CEO, Eric Quick are Rising Star members of the natural-products industry coalition ​OSC2​ (One Step Closer to an Organic and Sustainable Community). Jessica Mogardo, a ​Chopped​ winner and former Sous Chef to Iron Chef Jose Garces, currently serves as head of culinary at The Town Kitchen, PBC.

The Town Kitchen needs your help to do this.​ Here is what you can do:

Investment: ​Previous investors include Community Vision Capital, Rishi & Monica Chandra, Eunice & Jin Kim, John Roulac, Mission Driven Finance, and Montcalm Capital.

Philanthropic Investment Grant: ​Make a grant from your donor-advised fund or private foundation, recommending an impact investment to TTK. To grant via The Town Kitchen Fund, contact David Cooper,​ ​

Charitable Donation:​ Make a tax-deductible charitable donation (min. $5K) to The Town Kitchen Fund in support of TTK local job retention. To donate, or for more information, please contact Alisa ​Taranpohl – ​

To learn more about TTK or TTK Provisions, or to schedule a (remote) interview with Eric and Jefferson, please contact Eric Quick, President & CEO.