The People’s Inauguration Journey

January 6, 2021 by Michael Anzalone

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The People’s Inauguration and 10 Day Journey

Join us to kick off the People’s Inauguration on January 21st at  9am PT / 12pm ET at Then over the next 10 days, watch, listen, and interact with visionaries, faith leaders, artists, educators, and healers as we seek justice, heal, and lead with love. Watch on InstagramTwitter, or Facebook.

For more information visit the People’s Inauguration page or see excerpts from their site below.

About the People’s Inauguration

On January 20th, we will celebrate the work of democracy as we watch a new President and barrier-breaking Vice President make an oath of office. The next day, on January 21st, we will join them in making a commitment to do our part to heal and rebuild America. We envision a nation that is anti-racist, equitable, and sustainable. Each of us has a role in that labor, and we will only succeed if we lead with love.

What will happen?

January 21st kicks off 10 days of virtual conversations, artistic expressions, music performances, teach-ins, vigils and around-the-table family ceremonies. Some events will focus on grief and healing; others on justice and reckoning, others on joy and rising. All of them will have one thing in common: the expression of a “people’s oath” that recommits us to our core values and to one another.

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What’s next?

  1. Sign up here! You’ll receive emails with information about January 21st and templates if you would like to create your event. Follow the People’s Inauguration on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  2. Join the online kickoff event, streaming here, on January 21st at 12pm ET, hosted by Valarie Kaur and Baratunde Thurston. And tune in to content over the next 10 days, where visionaries, movement leaders, artists, activists, and others will share their visions for the nation with #PeoplesInauguration.
  3. Join the free teaching series “10 Days to Activate Revolutionary Love” led by Valarie Kaur and visionary thinkers of our time who will help us walk into this era together.

Who’s this for?

The People’s Inauguration is for all of us. Anyone who feels breathless from the crises plaguing our nation – white supremacy, armed insurrection, racial injustice, climate catastrophe, and a pandemic that is disproportionately killing people of color. Let’s envision the nation we could be.

  • Educators: Bring this experience to your students. We have lesson plans for you!
  • Faith leaders: Gather your congregations in prayer and reflection with our templates.
  • Artists: We need your music, song, poetry, and dance! We have ideas for you.
  • Parents: Bring your children close for a round-the-table family ceremony.
  • All: Use our templates to inspire secular ritual, quiet reflection, and the experience you need.

What is the People’s Oath?

“I, (insert name),
do solemnly vow
that I will faithfully execute my role
in healing, reimagining, and rebuilding
our country,
and will to the best of my ability,
preserve, protect, and defend
dignity, justice, and joy
for myself and for all around me,
and that I will do so with love.”

This is modeled after the presidential oath of office from the U.S. Constitution.

Who is leading this?

This is a woman-of-color led vision from Valarie Kaur, Sikh American activist, author of SEE NO STRANGER, and founder of the Revolutionary Love Project. Read more about her vision here. This event is produced and organized by The Revolutionary Love Project, Dream Corps, Amplifier, Soze, Harness, and Sounds True.

Why are we doing this?

We need collective renewal, accountability, and a strong moral vision in order to build the society we could become. Sound government is necessary but not sufficient to heal and transition America into a society where we are all safe and free. That work belongs to us, we the people. May this event help create a shift in consciousness and culture. A revolution of the heart.

You can read their full vision here.

What do you mean by love?

Love without limit. Not civility. Not a rush to forgiveness. Not healing without accountability. This is love that anchors nonviolent social movements for justice. The People’s Inauguration brings to life the “revolutionary love” proclaimed by the visionary writer and activist Valarie Kaur. Listen to her TED talk: “3 Lessons of Revolutionary Love in a Time of Rage.” Read her acclaimed book SEE NO STRANGER: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love.