OSC Now Accepting Nominations for its Rising Star Chapter

January 20, 2021 by Michael Anzalone

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Hey founders and CEOs of mission-driven natural products companies, activate your essence and purpose today by joining the OSC Rising Star leadership chapter!

In 2017, OSC launched the Rising Star Chapter for emerging, mission-driven Founders & CEO’s in the natural products industry. Together, this innovative group of leaders helped us establish how earlier-stage brands and their teams can better support each other and the larger community of environmentally and socially minded natural products companies. 

Recently, we celebrated the graduation of two Rising Star members, All Good, and PathWater, to the Core Chapter. We are now seeking nominations for new members to join the current crop of Rising Star brands, which include Beyond Broth, Imlak’esh Organics, Kuli Kuli, Nana Joes Granola, and The Town Kitchen, and Uncommon Cacao.

Scholarship opportunities are available for BIPOC and Latinx leaders.

To bolster the diversity of leadership in our industry, OSC has secured funding to underwrite 80% of the annual participation fees for BIPOC and Latinx founders and CEOs

Know someone who might be a good fit?

Send your nominations to Michael Anzalone, Rising Star Program Director (michael@osc2.org)

Or interested in participating yourself?

Contact Michael, by way of referral, expressing your interest.

Nomination Deadline: February 15, 2021

Download the OSC Rising Star Info Packet

About the Rising Star CEO Leadership Chapter

One Step Closer (OSC) is a trusted network of values aligned CEO’s and founders working together to support each other and address some of the greatest challenges facing food, agriculture, and our planet. Together, we work our business and industry challenges with a carefully facilitated agenda that involves thoughtful evaluation and meaningful connection.  

Our leadership chapters convene regularly to work through tough business and industry challenges with a carefully facilitated agenda that involves thoughtful evaluation and meaningful connection. Members also participate in committees across different chapters to inform future OSC programming and Collaboratives. A lot of the magic happens beyond these meetings with the ongoing growth of our community trust and connection. We continue to lean in to support each other and our impact work.

Member Benefits

  • Monthly member meetings +  seasonal events & gatherings
  • Custom development plan for each member
  • Rotating ceo-founder buddy system with other RS members
  • Present/attend OSC Core Member meetings
  • Access to OSC University – continuing-education for you and your team
  • Department Forums – online community for department specific connections (Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, HR/Admin)
  • 6-month mentorship with a senior founder/CEO from the Core Chapter
  • Ad-hoc advisement from Core Members 
  • Preferred access to OSC events

Membership Criteria

  • Leader currently engaged in the business. He/she must be a CEO, President, or C-level founder
  • Leader models sustainable and/or J.E.D.I. values in their life and business
  • Leader demonstrates high integrity, humility, and openness to giving/receiving constructive feedback
  • Company is approx. $1-$10 mil in revenues (special considerations made for BIPOC and Latinx leaders)
  • Company has a socially conscious and/or sustainability mission
  • Presence in the natural products industry, CPG or other strong sustainable cause
  • 100% non-GMO Food or agricultural products
  • Organic or strategy to move toward organic
  • Addressing a food system issue within the DNA of their company
  • B-Corp’s preferred or on the path to it
  • Non-competitive with other members – current members will validate

Annual Membership Fees

$3,500 – $4,500 per year, with no additional cost for a second founder. 

Scholarship opportunities are available for BIPOC and Latinx leaders. Approximately 80% of annual membership fees will be underwritten.

CONTACT: Michael Anzalone, Rising Star Program Director (michael@osc2.org)