Results from the Climate Collaborative’s first Tracking Progress Update Are In!

September 20, 2018 by dev_team

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We are pleased to share with you results of the Climate Collaborative’s first Tracking Progress Update. We had 168 companies provide updates on a total of 543 climate action commitments.

Two-thirds (66%) of the companies reported making progress on their commitments with roughly one-third (36%) also quantifying the emissions reductions of their efforts.

Topline findings:

  • Companies are most advanced in working toward transitioning to Renewable Energy, with 75% of companies actively implementing and 70% of companies reporting that they are also quantifying their progress.
  • Companies are also making strong progress implementing both Packaging and Transportation commitments, with 75% of companies in the process of implementing for both. This is particularly encouraging as companies had flagged these two commitment areas as the most challenging to implement in our 2017 programming survey.
  • On Food Waste, companies are making strong progress on implementation (73% of companies), but there is a lag in quantification of emissions reductions (only 20% of companies).
  • Companies are lagging in both implementation and reporting on SLCPs (Short-Lived Climate Pollutants), with only 50% implementing the commitment and just 36% quantifying their progress.

Companies also provided written updates on their progress:

PCC Community Markets shared the following update on their policy work. PCC is active in Washington state policy and submits comments Our PCC Advocates is an email list that we use to send members action alerts, encouraging them to call their representatives or submit comments on proposed legislation or rules that would negatively impact the health of our communities, our ecosystems, and food systems. Additionally, we’ve published articles advocating for climate action, and highlighting the Climate Collaborative to bring awareness to the issue.”

Veritable Vegetable shared a report on their transportation commitment. “Since making our Climate Collaborative commitment, we’ve introduced renewable diesel which has greatly reduced our GHG emissions. We have measured our emissions and recorded progress. Between 2017 and this year, we’ve increased our consumption of renewable diesel by 22%. As a result, we’ve reduced GHG emissions by 31%, as of the first half of 2018.”

To view more of the results and company examples, view our full tracking progress update and its more detailed appendix.

2019 National Co+op Grocers Climate Collaborative Awards

The Climate Collaborative will again be honoring and celebrating companies demonstrating leadership in their climate goals as part of Climate Day at Expo West in March of 2019. Nominations for the annual National Co+op Grocers Climate Collaborative Awards will open this fall, and any company that has made a commitment through the Climate Collaborative is eligible for nomination. Look for more information to come and read about our 2018 award winners for inspiration. For more information,