OSC Teams Up with Force Brands

February 24, 2021 by Michael Anzalone

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Hiring Up? Use Force Brands to find top talent.

OSC is  excited to announce that we have partnered with ForceBrands to power our new OSC Member job board, found on the OSC website. You can view it here: jobs.osc2.org

OSC Members now have the ability to post your open roles to the OSC job board for free, with the ability to cross-post to the ForceBrands job board at a 20% discounted OSC member rate. ForceBrands.com is the largest consumer brand job board with over 200,000 candidates from the CPG industry using it to find their next opportunity.

If you haven’t had a chance to use the job board yet and want to get set up, please email Simone Schroeder at simone@forcebrands.com and let her know you’re an OSC member and would like to get set up on the job board.