September edition of Natural Products Insider keys in on sustainable packaging!

October 10, 2019 by dev_team


The September edition of Natural Products Insider highlights the opportunities and challenges facing our industry.


  • Viewpoint: The five Rs
  • Trends in Sustainable packaging: Overcoming the perils of plastic
  • Roots of sustainable compostable packaging
  • The time is now for sustainable packaging
  • Thinking outside the box at Gaia Herbs
  • Takeaways from your business

Humans generated 2.01 billion tons of solid waste in 2016, and by 2050, that could rise to 3.4 billion tons, according to the World Bank. About 12% of all municipal waste in 2016 (242 million tons) was plastic. And even recycling isn’t good enough anymore because it’s too expensive, and Asian governments have started declining to take our recycled materials. [read more]