Member Spotlight: Michele Kessler – CEO of REBBL

March 16, 2021 by Grace

Member Spotlight

Michele Kessler, CEO of REBBL and OSC Core Chapter Member, takes five to reflect on 5 simple questions. Enjoy!

OSC: What is your hometown?

MK: Morganville, NJ

OSC: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

MK: I was a shot putter in high school.

OSC: What is it about the mission of your company that really ignites you?

MK: I am ignited by REBBL’s Mission to create a future without human trafficking through ethical sourcing and a donation from every bottle sold. To date, REBBL has contributed over $1million to Not For Sale’s global anti-trafficking work, which I’ve seen an example of firsthand at Dignita Cafe in Amsterdam, which supports and assists vulnerable individuals.

OSC: What’s a favorite childhood memory of food that you have?

MK: A house full of snacks (Ring-Dings, Cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, coffee cakes, Scooter Pies, etc) – my favorite was Mallomars, which are only available on the east coast. Note, I don’t eat any of that stuff anymore!

OSC: What’s one thing that keeps you up at night?

MK: A family member, team member, friend, colleague or neighbor catching COVID


REBBL was lovingly crafted to inspire the world to drink differently, with clean ingredients and real functionality, and to support a future without exploitation of at-risk people and the planet – a rebellious approach to creating delicious, authentic nourishment.