Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Stein, Founder & CEO of Purely Elizabeth

May 17, 2023 by Sarah

Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Stein, Founder & CEO at Purely Elizabeth and OSC Core Member, takes five to reflect on 5 simple questions. Enjoy!


OSC: Where is your hometown?

ES: Philadelphia, PA

OSC: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

ES: That I’m an introvert. I cherish my down time and make sure to get a good balance of alone time to recharge.

OSC: What is it about the mission of your company that really ignites you?

ES: When I started Purely Elizabeth I was doing 1:1 holistic health counseling. The idea of starting PE was so thrilling as I could impact not just the 10 people I was working with but on a much greater scale. Today, that still ignites me, knowing that we are not only helping people thrive on their wellness journey and live healthier happier lives but also now having impact on our planet through our regenerative agriculture vision and commitment.

OSC: What’s a favorite childhood memory of food that you have?

ES: Ironically, one of my favorites is that I was a relatively healthy eater but ate a ton of hot dogs. In grade school, my teacher had to call my parents because they thought it wasn’t healthy I was eating so many hot dogs!

OSC: What’s one thing that keeps you up at night?

ES: My team, making sure they are all happy and thriving!

About Purely Elizabeth

Purely Elizabeth helps you thrive on your wellness journey by creating foods to obsess over. We create naturally gluten-free granola, cereal, and oatmeal in ancient grain and grain-free varieties to make eating well effortless. Founded in 2009, by Elizabeth Stein, a certified holistic nutrition counselor.