JEDI Collaborative hosts and Unconscious Bias Workshop for founders & CEOs of leading natural products companies in the Bay Area

February 15, 2020 by dev_team

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OSC²‘s newly minted JEDI Collaborative hosted a day-long workshop to explore how internal and interpersonal unconscious biases prevent us from truly behaving in inclusive, equitable, and just ways.

Twenty-five CEO’s, Founders and culture leaders from fourteen leading natural products companies, including GuayakiNumi TeaAlter EcoKuli KuliLa Tourangelle, and many more met at Nutiva‘s headquarters in Richmond, CA to uncover their own individual biases and examine how their respective identities influence these perceptions.  The group also spent time examining how stereotypes and micro-aggressions can create exclusive environments for our colleagues, customers, partners, and more.  Participants left with with tools to uncover, mitigate, and interrupt bias in themselves, challenge bias in others, and have difficult conversations about their own biases.

About JEDI Collaborative
The OSC² JEDI Collaborative of industry peers and experts is leading this project for the natural products industry to frame the business case for embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion into our entire food ecosystem. Our intent is to take a positive, forward look vs. “fix what’s broken” position. We seek to understand the deeper issues and to devise an outline for the best solutions. We will clarify the systemic issues that require courage and thought leadership and define immediately controllable issues we all can address as an industry and in our day-to-day operations. We will develop a step-by-step approach to serve as a model to facilitate and inspire the industry to commit and take action. We will develop a reporting tool to demonstrate the impact of the project on progress. We believe the benchmark reporting will result in an increase in productivity in an increasingly multicultural marketplace.
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