Early Voting Tops 74 Million! #YourVoteCounts

October 28, 2020 by Michael Anzalone

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More than a third of registered voters have already voted in this year’s election

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Pre-Election Day voting is skyrocketing nationwide amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and states are reporting record-breaking turnout as voters are energized to vote by mail or early in person before November. As of Wednesday afternoon, over 35% of registered voters have cast ballots ahead of the Nov 3 election day.  Early estimates indicate that voter turnout could reach 150 mil+.

Notable stats include:

  • Montana, Washington, and the state of Colorado maintain the highest early voting turnout
  • In an additional 13 states, at least 40% of registered voters have also cast ballots.
  • Besides Colorado — North Carolina (roughly 50%), Texas and Florida (both 48%) are seeing the highest turnout as a share of registered voters so far