Compostable Packaging Updates from OSC2 Brand Leaders, Numi Tea and Alter Eco

January 28, 2016 by dev_team

We are proud to share non confidential highlights of our  Brand Packaging Leader updates at Numi Tea and Alter Eco related to our packaging coalition. This community of action based leaders has compelled great progress toward improved food packaging.  They have each been working very hard over the past year on continuing to advance compostable pouches in their own organizations and share these learnings.

2015 Roll stock/ Overwrap Update

2015 was a very successful year in the development of compostable roll stock and overwrap applications.  A number of new structures were developed and are now available to brands for testing.  OSC2 and our team of packaging companies have developed and refined structures.  The most critical element of testing roll stock applications is being able to test the materials in a live production environment, and we would like to see more brands participate on that level in 2016.  We will schedule a separate Roll Stock meeting for select brands in this form, soon.

For Numi Organic Tea, we tested four different variations of compostable roll stock overwrap with growing success throughout the year. Most recently, we had a very successful test run in Q4 of 2015 when, for the first time, the material ran very well on the production machines and provided sufficient seal strength.  Therefore, the largest challenge has been solved. Our partners are working on some minor tweaks and we will perform another test run in Q1 2016.

Brian Durkee
Chief Operating Officer- Numi Organic Tea

2015 Preformed Pouch Update

As with years past, 2015 in particular was a year of intense learning on the Stand Up Pouch front. Building on the lessons from 2014’s test and Alter Eco’s own delayed initial launch, we refined our strategy and brain trust in the area of laminating, converting, optimizing material thickness, adhesives and inks. The result was an incredible synergy of likeminded and passionate folks from all parts of the industry all working together in our “free” time to solve these issues and apply learnings to both Alter Eco’s newest attempt at a compostable pouch, the greater OSC2 member companies and ultimately, the trade.

Alter Eco is proud to say “we did it!” after numerous iterations finally passed all scrutiny from production, functionality and distribution tests.  As I write this, pouches of all 4 of our quinoa SKUS are on trucks headed all over the USA for an unveiling on shelves on January 15th.We have developed the tagline “Gone4Good” which we continue to share with the OSC2 group to help connect consumers with compostable products having our shared gold standard integrity.  Thank you for your support of the OSC2 so we can continue conquering challenges and changing the industry.

Jeanne Cloutier
Director Supply Chain, Alter Eco