Ballot Boxes are gone, but Digital Ballot Box available!

October 22, 2020 by Michael Anzalone

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Think Globally. Vote Locally.


In response to recent social and environmental injustices across the nation, the OSC member community is encouraging all eligible voters to participate this November in Federal, State, AND Local elections.  As a community, we encourage thoughtful and purposeful choices at all levels. Let’s take the time before Nov 3 to educate ourselves, and each other, by way of conversation. #YourVoteCounts

Ballot Box Update.

Due to overwhelming popularity our special edition Ballot Boxes are all gone! But don’t worry, we’ve got a digital version, which will feature special offers from our member community.  Sign up HERE to receive yours.  There is no cost to participate.***

About the Campaign.

#YourVoteCounts is a nonpartisan voter turnout campaign organized by One Step Closer (OSC), and intended to increase voter turnout this November. OSC is a member-community of purpose-driven brands committed to tackling the toughest sustainability challenges facing our world.