“5 in 5” with Alive & Radiant’s Nick Kelley

August 13, 2014 by dev_team

Our next installment of 5 in 5 features OSC2 member, Nick Kelley. Nick is the Founder and CEO of Kaia Foods and Alive & Radiant, which produces healthy and delicious dried kale and veggie snacks. We recently sat down with Nick, and asked him to take 5 minutes to reflect on 5 simple questions. Hope you enjoy…

Nick Kelley, CEO and Founder of Alive & Radiant

OSC2: What’s your hometown?
NKPeoria, Illinois

OSC2: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
NK: I played the bagpipes in high school.

OSC2: What’s a favorite childhood memory of food?
NK: Eating Trefzger’s cookies (a Peoria institution), which likely explains why I went 180 degrees into health food.

OSC2: What’s one thing that keeps you up at night?
NK: The heavy doses of caffeine I drink to get through the day! I’m kidding – mainly it’s the desire to grow and build our business, but having to accept the limited resources that I have to get the job done.

OSC2: Ice cream, froyo or gelato?
NK: Ice cream!  Three Twins’ Mint Confetti

More on Alive & Radiant

Alive & Radiant takes organic veggies, fruits, and nuts, and craft them into snacks through a combination of proprietary techniques  and low-temperature dehydration. Ingredients are sprouted, mixed and dehydrated at low temperatures so that they remain ‘raw’. Alive and Radiant’s products are never baked or fried, so you can rest assured that the fat in their products comes from heart-healthy nuts and seeds. The nutrients and great taste stay intact and are not processed away.

Products: Kale Krunch Quite Cheezy, Kale Krunch Southwest Ranch, Kale Krunch Tarragon Dijon, Kale Krunch Chokalet Chip, Kale Krunch Cheezy Chipotle, Sweet Onion Veggie Krunch, Teriyaki Greens Veggie Krunch, Arugula Cabbage Veggie Krunch, Spring Onion Kale Krunch