“5 in 5″ with Joe Glorfield, Executive VP of Mary’s Gone Crackers

November 17, 2014 by dev_team

Longtime friend of OSC2,  former President of Numi Tea, and now Exec. VP of Mary’s Gone Crackers, Joe Glorfield, takes five to reflect on 5 simple questions. Enjoy!

OSC2: Hometown?
JG:  Nevada City, CA

OSC2:  What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
JG: I had the extraordinary opportunity to work with Paul Newman over an eight year period on two Hole in the Wall Camps for kids suffering from serious illnesses.

OSC2:  What is your favorite childhood memory of food?
JG:  My mom’s unbelievable spaghetti sauce!

OSC2:  One thing about your business/industry that keeps you up at night?
JG:  Meeting the expectations of our Japanese majority shareholder.

OSC2:  Ok, so you’re stuck on a deserted island for a year – what 5 albums would you want with you?
JG: no question…
Goodbye Yellow brick Road
–  Born to Run
–  American Idiot
– Eagles Greatest Hits,
– and Beethoven’s 5th symphony

OSC2: Thanks JoeNailed it!

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